Events2images Presents “The Interview” Candidate No. 15 from Bacolor Pampanga- Arcel Yambing
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arcel yambing

1. Tell us something unusual/interesting about yourself?
I’m arcel, comes from a farmer family, choir in our church, maybe i can sing a little good thats why im choir now.. 2yrs computer graduate. I did it because of my mom even shes labandera, then i do working student in a fast food chain, schools in days, work at night( graveyard).were broken family, i met my father time for the first when i was 18yrsold.. actually were not close until now.. that’s the first time i saw him. Until now i didn’t see him again.. hes from apalit pampanga, a little far from my uncle’s house..its hard for me to ask him why he did that to my mom.. since i was born he happy person, farming in morning, drag racing in evening. I always wanted to back home and stay with my family coz i know someday they will leave also..

2. What made you decide to enter/join this pageant ”?
I always wanted to do modeling..I dont expect that i can do this..
I want to prove in bacolor that in male pageant we can do also..
There was a time that they said, i dream too big, and i said to my self that they think too small.. i want to help my family as i can,maybe god has plan for me thats why im here now.

3. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?
My weaknesses? COCKROACH!!! Its kind of funny but its true..
My weakness is my family as always..
I dont want to see them suffering in any way.. specially when my lola always lending money or food just to feed us..
My mom’ she’s out of school that’s why she don’t know everything but she always doing way to help my lola.. she’s labandera and she knows how hard life for us..but she always fight for everything..i been graduated 2yrs computer programming just because of her..
My strength is my family also.. they always giving me good vibes.. even we live like this, they are always strong no matter what happen..
My friends, the people always at my back, they are the people who always support me even if i’m up and down..and i want to change those things, thoughts they give me..and the support..

4. How do you overcome your weaknesses?
Thinking my family, pray to god as always.. coz god knows everything and he will never ever lead you to be bad..

5. How do you handle success and fame?
Attitude is the first!! And always keep my feet on the ground.. coz before i didn’t feel like this and i didn’t think that i’m famous and successful..and if ill be success and become famous, my attitude will never be change.. it will change but for good.. and success for me, a day i woke up that’s success coz god give me another chance just to see how beautiful life and this world has..
6. What can you contribute to the organization?
Maybe being a simple person, they know what i can do.. i can help as i can do.. simple things like, preventing pollution.. simply like pagpulot ng basura sa daan, iwas sa floods, at mas masarap na hangin pa malalanghap..
If i win, i want to help our church to build better. I donate if i have money..
And to my alma mater, i want to renovate their classrooms..
Sabi nga nila, simpleng pagtulong, malaking bagay na.. at konting tulong, will spread..