Events2images Presents “The Interview” Candidate No. 13 from Province of Pangasinan – Jerome Tabayoyong
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13 Pangasinan Province - Jerome Tabayoyong (0)

1. Tell us something unusual/interesting about yourself?
I am person who loves to do crazy things. I see to it that in every event/situation that I learn from it. I really want to star in a Filipino movie not as a main character for it is common to have cute/handsome faces in the mainstream. I want to play the role of a stunt man, an antagonist or goons. Roles which people do not get hehe. I am also interested in learning about human psychologies of different people. Wherever I go, I talk to people randomly, regardless of race, gender and ethnicity. I ask them about their point of views about life, how to deal with people especially when they do something wrong to you and take part in me their principles in life.


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2. What made you decide to enter/join this pageant”?
I have always dreamed of being a model. I want to experience its lifestyle and break stereotypes of the mainstreamed entertainment. I have been a want to be “model modelan wherein I ask my photographer friends to take photos of me based on concepts that I Feel.

The main purpose is that at one point in your life, you don’t want to remain as the silly guy or a laughing stock. You want to contribute something to society. I was inspired by humble beginnings of Sir Neil Perez and as he brought up the Flag of our country. He is the epitome of the word Model. I am sending out this message “ hindi hadlang ang pagkakaroon ng pangong ilong, biluging mata, biluging noo, makapal na labi upang ipagmalaki n ang Pilipino ay may natatanging karakter, puso sa trabaho, kababayan man o banyaga.

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3. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?
My strength is the people around me who believe in me and especially those who don’t believe. When somebody tells you that “You can’t do it!” You’ll never make it! That’s the time to work double and triple time to achieve something. Talent vs. Hardwork! Second is to be true to yourself. It is do the things according to what your heart says regardless of what people may tell about you. As long as you don’t hurt or put down people along the way

Weaknesses, to admit isa lang po akong ordinaryong tao. Maraming kalokohan, siraulo, madaldal, jejemon at totoy. I am that person who is always Late. But I am working on these and outgrow them. As the theme of the pageant is to become a role model among the Filipino people and other countries as well.

4. How do you overcome your weaknesses?
According to the speech of Sir Judah Cohen in our last gathering, you guys will walk onto the stage at your BEST!. I find inspiration from my fellow contestants who work really hard. To make it a part of me that very essence that PEPPS wants to promote the Male Pageantry with our countries fullest pride.

I strive to do my best to become the Best Man that I can be for one day our life experiences will be immortalized in the books

13 - Jerome
5. How do you handle success and fame?
Success is only one portion in life. Success is subjective and relative. For me success is to gain Self Actualization as what Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tell. To share the things you’ve learned to others regardless of being a family or not.

Fame it is just a status, it will fade. For me, it is more important to build a legacy than fame. As what I quote always, “Men before dreamt of flying like birds, and airplanes/shuttles were built. But before that, men are created to walk. You do not deserve to fly if you don’t know how to walk”

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6. What can you contribute to the organization?
Whatever happens here, I can tell that in the best way, I want to pay things forever. Before everything was just a dream and through PEPPS, everything became a reality. These are more than what I wished for to God. It is too soon today but you can count on me through thick and thin.With all of my heart I tell you this. “You guys are my family”

The journey does not stop with or without a tourney as I believe I could showcase your ideals in everyday life, within our outside the country. I am Filipino and this is our culture.