Mister World Philippines John Spainhour is now in England for Mr. World 2014.



He was just chosen the other day and he is now in England today! Mister World Philippines 2014 John Spainhour now enjoys the Mister World Philippines title after he was designated as Mr. World Philippines 2014 by CQGQ headed by Cory Quirino. He might designated for the last minute as the country’s bet but he is one of the first to arrive in England among the candidates to compete for the most desirable man title.



John being introduced as Mister World Philippines 2014 in Atrium of Glorietta 5.

Born in North Carolina, John said that being disciplined and dedicated while serving in military few years ago will be his advantage. Mr. World requires discipline, physical challenges and mental preparedness and I’m lucky since my previous work made me well prepared in those kind of challenges, he added. 


During his Military days… He served in Iraq for almost a year..


His bid to become the country’s first ever Mr. world is supported by Bench and Ayala Malls. On the other hand, his good friend Sam Adjani will represent the country in the next edition of Mr. World after being chosen as Mr. World 2015. But most likely he will be competing in 2016 since Mr. World is being held every two years. 


TWIN TITLES.. Beauty queen maker.. now beauty king maker.. Cory Quirino announced the Mister World 2014 and 2015..

The competition was founded in 1996.The entrants compete in various activities including waterskiing, mountain biking, and marathon running. The current Mister World is Francisco Escobar of Colombia who was crowned on November 24, 2012 in Kent, England. Philippines’ very own Andrew Wolff finished 2nd. 



NEXT IN LINE.. Very first candidate for Mr World 2015/16.. Persian Filipino Sam Adjani


Mister World 2014, the 8th edition of the Mister World pageant, will be held at The Riviera International Conference Centre, Torbay,Devon, England on June 15, 2014

Photos by Aski for Events2images.

Thanks to CQGQ for the invitivation.