Mister International 2013 Most Likely to Win – Battle of the World’s Best In Review!

With its consistency, quality of candidates, most national pageants and working title holders now it can be told that Mister International is the number 1 male pageant in the world. It is the only grandslam pageant that is being held every year. Their winner is also travelling all over the world to promote the pageant’s cause. This year is not an exception, 38 of the world’s bests are competing for the 2013 Mister International title. Events2images is covering the event since day 1. 

Live streaming will be available thru viva.tv.id

Live streaming will be available thru viva.tv.id

The pageant will have its final night today at 7PM Manila time, and here are the candidates that will most likely to win based on our observations:

MIGHTY SIX! (in alphabetical order)

Here are the top 6 candidates that most likely to win the title!


Brazil – Jhonatan Marko


Brazil – Jhonathan Marko

Height is might – The tallest candidate in this year’s batch. He did well in his interview and preliminary show. He registered well also in camera and well loved by Indonesians too! If he will be lucky tonight, he can bring home the title.


Indonesia – Albern Sultan

Indonesia – Albern Sultan

Indonesia – Albern Sultan

Home court Advantage -One of the strongest Misters Indonesia sent to compete for the world title! Albern was very nic all throughout, very accommodating and he did well in last night’s preliminaries. His national costume was awesome and most likely he can bring home the Best in NC award and Mister international title can follow. 

Mexico – Hans Briseno

Mexico – Hans Briseno

Mexico – Hans Briseno

I love his aura. He has no bad angle. The heartthrob of the pageant.  He did very well during the preliminaries and he can duplicate that during the finals. He is also the press favorite.



Philippines – Gil Wagas

Gil Wagas - Philippines

Gil Wagas – Philippines

If Asia will win this year, then it would be the Philippines! He is not the most handsome candidate from the bunch but he has the x factor and appeal that made him favorite in Indonesia. He was the most applauded candidate in the preliminaries, next to the host country. Like what he did in Mister International Philippines, Gil will surely use his charm to convince the judges and Bring home the Honor! Since Mister International is really looking for a candidate that has a good attitude and very easy to work with, most likely this would be Gil’s ultimate advantage in getting the title!



Puerto Rico – Jimmy Rivera

Puerto Rico – Jimmy Rivera

Puerto Rico – Jimmy Rivera

The Star of the Caribbean – The most outgoing and very warm candidate in this year’s batch. He knows how to impress the crowd and the press all the time. His experience in last year’s manhunt could also play a big role in tonights competition. He said winning Mister International is his ultimate dream.  He got the killer smile that will make the judges say YES.

Slovak Republic – Michal Gajdošech

Slovak Republic - Michal Gajdošech

Slovak Republic – Michal Gajdošech

Sentimental favorite – He is my sentimental favorite! He is well loved by camera and knows how to show his best angle in and out of stage. He is the perfect cover for high end magazine and an endorser to that can sell anything. He is also one of the most stylish candidates in this year’s batch. His lips say “the title is mine and I’m born to win”!


TOP 10 (In alphabetical order)

Belgium, Czech Republic, Sri lanka and Venezuela

Belgium, Czech Republic, Sri lanka and Venezuela

Belgium – Gianni Sennesael

His experience in pageants would be his great advantage but it seems that he is not in best shape this time, but since he did very well in preliminaries, he can surprise us during the finals!

Czech Republic – Antonín Beránek 

Everyone’s favorite! He got the angelic face that can launch a thousand ships but he need more energy on stage. 

Sri Lanka – Another front runner in Asia! Brayan is most loved by pageant fans since winning the Mister Intl Sri Lanka.

Venezuela – Not because of his sash factor. Jose is very competitive and his looks is really striking in person. He is very warm and charming too.


TOP 16


Top 16  Caanada, Chile, Lebanon, Singapore, Spain and Turkey

Top 16
Caanada, Chile, Lebanon, Singapore, Spain and Turkey

Canada – Kristian Denver Diaz

The Crush ng bayan looks. He is very cute and charming and I think male pageant is not ready to crown a cutie like him. I have no problem seeing him as a winner though!


Chile – Pablo Alcayaga Moliné

Hermoso! He looks very expensive to me. He is very charming in person and tried to communicate to all even he is not fluent in English. His charm is his greatest advantage!

 Lebanon –  Firass Abbass

Got one of the best bodies to die for. Some say he is not that easy to get along with but I have no problem with him at all.

Singapore –  Edwin Heng

Not just a sash factor, Edwin’s body is excellent and he got one of the best faces and best skin too!


Spain – Adrian Gallardo

Great personality.  Knows how to project in and out of the camera.

Malaysia – His preliminary interview was great. He is also glowing during the preliminaries beach wear and evening wear segments.

Turkey – Ufuk Değer

Silent killer! He is bubbly like others but I know he is doing his assignments very well and prepared for the finals! Look at his abs.





Italy – Best face and charming personality.

China – Good catwalk  skills.

Costa Rica – Nice body.

Colombia – His preliminary performance was good.

El Salvador – Well chiseled body.

Panama – Strong communication skills

Peru – Good body can be his ticket.


Special Awards Prediction:

Internet popularity: India

Best face: Mexico

Best Body: Slovak Republic


This is the 2nd time Indonesia hosted the pageant with L Men as the presenter, Thanks to L Men specially to Angelique Dewi Permatasari, PEPPs Foundation headed by Carlo Morris Galang, Ismael Lumibao, Precious Anna and Alan Sim of Mister Singapore organization for all access during EVENTS2IMAGES’ coverage of Mister International 2013. Mister International is an annual male beauty pageant founded in 2006. It is owned and organized by the Mister Singapore Organization which also organizes the annual Mister Singapore pageant.