Mister International 2013 will be in Indonesia!


Mister International President ALLAN SIM sent communication letters to all National Directors recently about the venue of Mister International this year.

Bali or Jakarta will be the Host City..

Bali or Jakarta will be the Host City..

Indonesia will host for the title of Mister International 2013 which will take place November 2013. This is the second time for Indonesia, after the first one in 2010.

“We managed to sign a deal with Mister International for the year, and is clearly proud of,” said Angelique Dewi Permatasari, Head of Marketing Communication Nutrifood who is also the National Director of Indonesia for the Mister International 2013 in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/4 / 2013).

Got a chance for the second time as the hosts made Nutrifood through superior brand, L-Men, feel more challenged to deliver the best title for 10 days for contestants from 35 countries.

“In 2010, we can be three awards as the Best Men Pageant Productions, The Best Stage, and The Best Host,” said Angelique added.

If three years ago Mister International was held in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali, this year is expected to take place in Jakarta and Bali. It is possible also in Jogjakarta and Solo. The title of Mister International has the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia and is considered as a promotion to the outside world.

According to Angelique, during the quarantine period, the contestants will get the nutrition classes and healthy lifestyle, culture and culinary Indonesia. In addition to several awards besides Winner memerebutkan Mister International, also Fan Vote Winner, Photogenic, Congeniality, Best National Costume, and Best Body.

L-Men themselves helped send the representative of Indonesia, which will be selected on the mat L-Men of the Year on 30 June. For the record, Rizal Idrus, L-Men of the Year representing Indonesia in Mister International 2012 ago, won the Fan Vote Winner and entered the Top 10 Mister International.

Mister International held for the first time by Mister Singapore Organization since 2006. Besides Indonesia, China and Thailand have been a host of the title contest.

Mister International 2013 will be held in Indonesia, November 2013. From Twitter L-MEN: Now! Press conference : L-Men presents #MisterInternational 2013 in Grand Indonesia.