Mark John Gutoman, Will He Be Lucky In Thailand?

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For the past weeks, Thailand seems the luckiest place in pageant world for the Philippines, two of the country’s latest pageant titles are from Bangkok courtesy of Kevin Balot – Miss International Queen and June Macasaet – Manhunt International 2012. Tonight our very own Mister International bet  teacher  Mark John Gutoman will compete in the same city where Kevin and June competed and won.

Goodluck MJ!

We have high hopes that he can deliver and make the country proud. For the last 2 editions of Mister International, our bets never failed to enter the semifinals, this year seems not an exception. Based on his official and candid pictures he is doing good in Bangkok! I personally saw MJ during the Mister Philippines Finals and he is very humble and accommodating.  Events2images wishes him luck..!

MJ in Mister International Presentation Show..

Interesting to note that we have two Filipinos competing in Mister International, Mister Canada Jason Mesah. Other Events2images favorites aside from the Philippines are.. Slovenia, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Thailand, India, Sweden, Czech Republic, Colombia, Turkey, Macedonia, Indonesia, Brazil, Serbia and France

Mister Canada – Jason Mesah


Ireland and Sweden



Mister International Candidates during Presentation Show..

Lets get closer to MJ .. Here’s the interview by Querty.

1. In your own words, how can you describe yourself?
Flexible, Talented and Trainable
2. Can you tell us something about yourself that most people do not know?
Most of people dont know that i still drink Milk before and after sleeping.
3. What can you say about your city/province that you are representing?
Marikina City is well known for it is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, but what i like the m0st about Marikina, is the people itself because we are discipline, intelligent and have good taste. Thats the reas0n why we have a green and healty city
.4. How would you promote tourism in your city/province?
Marikina City is a place to visit because we do have a lot of place to be proud of and one of those is the Shoe Museum where you can find the largest pair shoes in the world. Marikina is known not only för its rich culture but also because of its peaceful and clean environment.

Philippine pride

5. What is your favorite part of your body & why?
My Eyes because it is where i can see and realize how beautiful our life is.
6. If you will rank the following, namely wealth, health, and family, according to their importance, how will you rank them and why?
Family, Health and Wealth because for me the family should be the m0st imp0rtant in our life for they are your inspiration and strenght in life.
7. What color will best represent your personality?
Blue because it represent how peaceful my life.8. Can you describe to me your ideal woman?
Simple, family oriented and GOD FEARING.9. What makes your proud to be a Filipino?
To My filipino value makes me proud – being polite, hospitable and god fearing person.

10. Your message to your supporters and bashers (those giving negative criticisms)?
Thank you for the support and comments.

Favorite Book:
The Secret

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Food:
pastas and pizza

Favorite Actor/Actress:
Coco Martin and Anne Curtis

Favorite Song:
Lift up your hands

Favorite Sports:


Dream destination:

Be The Best In Thailand!

You can still help him make our country proud thru voting, just go on official Mister International page – VOTE HERE  – scroll down to bottom page and vote for Mark!

Good luck to all, may the best man win!

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