Mister Philippines 2012 Complete Review After Media Presentation

After of Media presentation and close encounter with candidates.. Here’s events2images review before the pre finals…

Candidate # 1 –  Jeriel James Ng – Pasay City

Pasay City

He is so cute in person.. very Chinoy!  Definitely he is not just a typical cutie, he is a promising leader too ( as SK official ).  Aside from being good looking in person, he also registers well on camera.  I think he can bring home the photogenic award but his body is not just flattering. He is too young for me, I suggest..  spend more hours in gym and gain more weight and he can compete neck to neck with other early favorites. I know he can easily make it in the semis but he really needs to work well with his body to make it into the final five.!  He is a bit shy during the presentation; He needs also to be more pro active and “pabibo”.

2. Gerald Arceo – Bulacan


He is not new in pageant industry; his experience is his best weapon in making it into semis. He looks confident during the press presentation. When you look at him, it seems nothing is really special, but who knows? MPI is anybody’s game. He walks well and has a command on the floor.  He was also good in answering all questions given to him, making it into semis is doable.

3.       Randy Dela Cruz – Cagayan Valley

Cagayan Valley

He looks good in person; he has a well built body perfect for MPI. His aquiline nose is really appealing plus his eyes looks innocent when he stares. I heard he is a seaman and really working hard for it. I’m hoping his dedication and diligence will be rewarded comes the finals night. Definitely this guy will make the 5 provinces in Cagayan Valley proud!

4.       Kevin Raqueno –  Province of Cavite


He danced during the press presentation due to press’ request, although I dunno what dance step he is doing, he was the most applauded candidate that time!  Haha.. I love his moves (kahit mukhang mahirap tingan since medyo malaki sya at mabigat) . He registered better in candid photo rather than the official pictures but he is really waaay better in person. He speaks well (not because he speaks as native English speaker) during press presentation. .becaue you can feel the sincerity of his answers. I want to see him to lose some weight prior to the final night and it would be perfect!

Although, I have sentimental and personal favorites, I really cannot ignore this guy, he is tall, handsome, educated, talented, fit and good speaker… If the finals will be held today, my scoring sheet says…. he is the winner.

5. Michael Marc Carino – Imus City

Imus City

This guy is very charming in person. He is one of the most facially appealing candidates and many pageant observers became his believers instantly. He registered well both on official and candid pictures. Although he is not that tall, he is a stand out during the press presentation, his body is good, his smile is really captivating and I love his hair too! This early, I can see him making it into the final five or even bring home the title. I’m hoping that he will sustain his superb performance up to the final night.

6. Diomar Dyangco – Quezon City

Quezon City

He is a theater actor and represents my city, Quezon city and I’m looking forward to see him perform well in all events.  Like most of theater artist I knew, he is a good speaker. He was able to answer all questions without even having second thoughts. If the pageant is just all about communication skills, he can make it. Another good thing with this guy is his positive attitude that he can deliver.

7. Jhoemark Balquerin – Roxas City

Roxas City

This is the first time I heard that someone from Roxas City is competing for a national title. It’s really an accomplishment for him and MPI. Jhoe looks good in official pictures and even his other images are commendable.  He was also good on the ramp during the press presentation. His ramp modeling experience is really an advantage. I love also his clear skin and cute smile. The cutest graphic artist I have seen so far. I can see him making it into the semifinals comes the final night.

8. Sammy Ramos – Olongapo

He has captivating smile and really cute in person. His pictures are also flattering. He is tourism graduate and  a perfect tourist guide for most likely! He was all smiles during the press presentation’s question and answer making him more relax at all times.  He is also accommodating in person and lots of online fans too.

9. Lois Andrew Bolinao – Cavite


Cavite is really sending strong contenders this year and Lois is not an exception. He has Fhrancis Lopez vibes and looks good in  candid pictures. Although he looks serious in person, he will smile and look at you when you ask him. With his good looks and communication skills a top five finish is not impossible to him. He just needs to tone his body and October 6 could be his most successful night

10. Roland William de Dios – Cabanatuan City

Cabanatuan City

No question he has the command on the ramp. He is a regional pageant veteran and it would be an advantage for him. He walks well during the presentation but looks tired.  He said he was just stressed because of busy schedule. At his young age, he is already an achiever. Aside from countless awards and titles in several minor pageants he is also managing his own business making him busy as a bee.  It would be better if he will take a short break managing his business and relax for weeks to distress.  I would like to see with refreshing personality.

11. Marvin Pablo – Naga City

Naga City

Bicol is home of most beautiful women like Venus Raj, Bb. Pilipinas International – Melody Gersbach, and Dianne Necio. Can Marvin follow their footsteps? For me it is not an easy task for him to land in the semifinals, with the quality of the candidates now, he really needs to work hard to be noticed by the judges. I’m not sure how he can do it. Let us just wait..

12. Kenneth Vincent Sarroca – Dasmarinas City

Dasmarinas City

No doubt, Cavite is sending strong contenders this year and Kenneth is no exception.  His body is awesome! You can lean to him and he will protect you (hehe)! He just need to practice how to walk with command on stage and be more confident. Given the proper training, I know this guy can deliver. I would love to see him being called as semifinalist.

13. Jolie Go – Makati City

Makati City

I couldn’t believe that this guy is taking care of his niece (so sweet) until he mentioned it when asked what makes him busy. I’m happy to know that despite of his ‘hard muscles’ he has a soft heart for kids. He communicates well during the question and answer with the press and although his body  is good, I’m still looking for something that no one can’t explain. It could be the x factor as they called. I think he just needs to improve his personality and posture and he will do well.

14. Leonardo Delapena – Pagadian City

Pagadian City

Leonardo is working on his bachelor’s degree in Criminology and I heard he is supporting his studies by joining pageants. I salute him for having initiative to make his dreams come true. He looks very Pinoy, from body built to skin color. Being a pageant veteran is an advantage; no doubt he was able to answer all questions at ease.

15. Jessie Bayudang – Iligan City

ILigan City

I have officemate who also hails from Iligan and she is also facially appealing. I’m wondering are there really a lot of facially appealing people in Iligan?? I first saw him on Facebook when I’m creating an article about Mister Philippines prior to press presentation.  He looks almost the same in pictures and in person. He looks better in official pictures rather than the candid images. He is a registered nurse and communicates well. When he opens his mouth everyone is listening, he knows what he is talking.  He has the command and choice of words is commendable.  If he will make it into the semifinals, I’m sure it would be not hard for him to climb on the top since MPI gives weight on the performance of the semifinalist during the Q and A. By the ways do you know that Iligan is the City of Falls?? That’s a trivia given by him. There is no city in the Philippines that has more falls other  than Iligan City..

16. Juancho Pascual – Cagayan de Oro City

Like Jessie he is also from Mindanao, although Pascual clan is mostly from Bulacan, I’m wondering if we are relatives since we carry the same last name.? Anyways, he was not present during the press presentation but based on the images sent to me, he has a commendable body. I’m looking forward to see him on coming MPI events and will update you guys with my impression towards to him.

17. Mark John Gutoman – Marikina City

Marikina City

Mark is Education and graduate and wants to practice teaching professionally. I was not surprised if he was really good in communication skills department. He was able to impress everyone during the short conversation with the press people. He said, he wants to inspire others thru his profession.  With his height and body, I’m seeing him making it into the semis. He just need to improve his catwalk skills and he will surely do well.

18. John Paul Nelmida – Calapan City

Calapan City

Like me, he is from Mindoro. I’m about to ask him what’s something special in Mindoro (just wanna know what Mindoreno says about their place), but since I’m busy taking in pictures, I had no chance to do it. Despite of being a team leader in once of call centers in Libis he still looks not comfortable talking in a group of people.  He looks better both on official and candid images. He needs to tone his body and be more confident if he wants to make it.

19. Matt William Po –Tacloban City

Tacloban City

I’m not sure what happened to him why he didn’t make it on press launch. I’m wondering how he will look in person side by side with other candidates. He looks very Pinoy too based on picture. I would love to see him without baby fats, and he would definitely awesome.

20. Willam Pagayon –Iloilo City

Iloilo City

His height and skin made him stand out. He looks serious sometimes but really adorable when he smiles! He is working in shipping industry and for him he has what it takes to become Mister Philippines and he got an approval from the crowd too. I’m positive he can make Ilonggos proud.  I have no problem seeing him in the final five.

21. Godswill Okirie – Mandaluyong City

Mandaluyong City

His color made him confident as he said. Aside from towering height of 6’2 (making him the tallest candidate), his experience on the ramp is his biggest advantage. He is working as part time model and loves sports too. I can see Venus Raj in him when Venus was just starting in joining pageants in Bicol, very raw yet promising. His body is not that good for now but I hope he will improve his body before joining another national pageant and he would have better chance.

22. Wilfred Lumauag – Rizal


His height is not that commendable but he is cute in person.  He knows how to carry himself on stage. He has an audience contact and was able to answer all questions given to him. Given the right height, I think he can do well on this competition.

23. Jimiel Cruz – Mandaluyong City

Mandaluyong City

He was not on the press launch, but based on the images given, I love the way he smile. His body is also above average and he is also facially attractive.  If he will look almost the same in person and on official pictures, I know he can manage to go on the top.

24. Djannielle Samson – Caloocan City

Caloocan City

This guy is always all smile. When asked what makes him mad, he said, NOTHING.. He is just a jolly person and it makes him adorable. He is really cute when he smile and looks innocent sometimes. He is a good singer too! He is very accommodating during the photo shoot and you can see him on this site holding the events2images logo. I would love to see him in the semifinals but he really need to work hard for it. He needs to gain more weight and it would be perfect!

25. Mark Kevin Buendicho – Caloocan City

Caloocan City

Like Djannielle, Mark is also cute in person. He is into advertising  at PUP and really serious to achieve what he wants. He looks shy and reserved but he has no second thoughts to answer anything you will ask.  And he don’t even know how to say NO in any favor you want during the press launch. He is very accommodating and sincere. I would love to see him also in the semifinals! He just need to improve his body, be more pro active and have more self confidence and everything will follow.

26. Jeffrey Nadonga – Pampanga



This guy is really humble, when asked if he will give 30% of his prize to his handler (who is around that time), he said there’s no big deal! He can give as much as 50% without having second thoughts! Jeffrey is tall and his body is also good. It would be better if he will smile a lot since he looks cute when smiling. He need also to stand with proper posture to look more appealing.  I’m sure it would be not hard for become a semifinalist.

27. Mark Anthony Angolo – Bacoor City

Bacoor City

Most people in the crowd liked his lips. His color is also very Pinoy  and he looks confident during the presentation and very good on the ramp. Although, he got nice muscles, I would still encourage him to gain more weight if he wants to win.  I want to see him also in skin head,  he would be sexy and appealing.

28. Aldrin Kenneth Sato – Quezon city

Quezon City

If the screening committee of MPI saw something that we cannot see, why don’t give him a chance. He reminds me of Charice Pempengo not only because of the height but because of being talented as he said during the presentation. I salute him for having the guts to join and represent QC. Although  it would be really a ‘mission impossible’  for him to win the title or even make it in semis, I just hope he will enjoy the pageant and win more friends!

29. Francis Lee Alvaro – Manila

Manila City

He was not there during the presentation, but based on the images given, it would be a tough job for him to make it into semis. I think he will be more appealing when he smile.

30. Michael Angelo Luna – Batangas

Province of Batangas

He is into modeling and hosting; I won’t be surprised if he can ace the Q and A or conquer the stage in all segments of competition but he need to gain more weight to win.  I heard he has a perfect body prior to joining MPI, he said, he was just stressed and too busy on his work as flight attendant , (aside from extra gig on the ramp)! Good to know he is on leave to concentrate on this event, I think it will be a big help for him to regain his commendable body.  I heard him talking, and he really speaks well, hope he can make all Batangueno proud during the finals!

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With the success of last media presentation, I would like to commend Mister International Philippines headed by founding President Dr. Joseph Pallera for making a difference. This year’s  Mister International is indeed a big step in uplifting the male pageantry in the country.  Mister International is really becoming bigger and prestigious. This year’s candidate is the most competitive batch in the 3 year history of MPI. This year’s presentation and finals venue are also commendable.  I’m looking forward for spectacular finals night this coming Ocotber 6! See you guys!