Complete Images of 22 Manhunt Metro Manila 2012 Candidates in Review..

The pageant is over but the memory remains.. Here are the twenty two most dynamic young men of Manhunt Metro Manila 2012.. One last look..


#1 Frank

Frank Arroyo – My friend Brian is rooting for him, he looks better this time compared when he won the Ginoong Filipinas Turismo early this year.. His eyes are talking! I think he was just overshadowed by taller candidates. Personally, he was very nice. Always accommodating..

# 5 Eric

Eric Galeria – He is also a neophyte in pageant, I think Manhunt is a good training ground for him. He is cute in person. I wish he could tone his body before joining another contest.


Joeser – I saw him on several pageants, and he was really doing good, He has a towering height and bubbly also. I think his time to shine will come soon (tama ba hehe?). He just need to continue in working out.

#8 Richard

Richard Domingo – I almost didn’t  recognize him that night, he looks better during the competition compared when I saw him during the screening. He is always on time and very professional. I was not surprised when he got the most punctual/early bird award. Keep it up!

# 9 Xian

Christian Angelo Cuevas – A good performance for a first timer candidate, he looks very cute on official photo from Manhunt page. He is not that tall but since he is just 18, may pag asa pa ;).


John Allison Assistio – He is sweet and sooooo cute.. Lots of girls weere screaming when he walks on stage! His performance on swimwear was hard to ignore.. (he was really hot when wet lolz!)
I know how he really work hard on this event. I was a bit dissapointed when he didnt make it :(, I’m hoping to see him again on a bigger pageant or event. Keep it up Ali!! You have tons of supporters.

#13 Bryan

Bryan Katindig – He knows how to project in camera, he walks good in stage. His height is on Manhunt standard.. Im still not sure why he didn’t make it into semis.

#14 Ralph

Ralph Otivar – He is very Pinoy! He is quiet most of the time and shy type. His short hair made him very sexy.

# 17 Mark

Mark Toledo – His skin made him unique in the 2nd batch of candidates, plus he smiles a lot. I think his height is not that outstanding, it could be one of the reasons of his non inclusion in the semis.

# 20 Hynrick

Hynrick Comendador – This guy is so polite and knows how to follow sa lahat ng instructions. With strong batch of candidates like this, it’s really hard for him to make it on the top. But I think he had a goodtime last night since he is always ready to smile sa camera ;).

#21 JR Sicat

JR Sicat – Very cute and charming! He looks sincere and sweet. I think one of the reasons na hindi sya pumasok sa finals ay dahil mukha syang bata.. he looks so young.

#22 Alfredo

Alfredo delapaz – I think this is his second competition. He is very raw pa, I’m seeing Venus Raj on his personality nung nag sisimula pa lang si Venus sa pagsali mga pageant sa Bicol. Im sure given the right grooming, he can do better in future events.


#2 Mark

Mark Joseph Franco – He looks Japanese, Korean or even Italian in person.. very multiracial. He deserved the top 10 spot but fell short in the top 3, maybe because of some inconsistency on his stage presence, he needs to be more confident on stage. Before the finals night he said he has lots of problems, (personal problem daw) but still he did well that night. With proper training, I think he can be the man to beat. I’m hoping she can still compete in National Finals.

#3 Art

He got the best bods that night.  Those abs are his best asset. His semifinalist finish is commendable.

#4 Nathan

Nathan Ignacio – I always remember Eboy (Buboy Carino of Eboy series ng ABS CBN) since they are look alikes. Like Eboy, he has lots of fans also, he was one of the most voted delegate this year. He is really loved by camera, no doubt, he got the Manhunt Photogenic Award! His inclusion on the semis ia very well deserved.


Bernard Joseph Sumera – He is very young  (18) but he looks veteran on stage and daring too!  He know how to project.  He has one of the most attractive faces that night.

# Eric

Eric Gatdula – I was a bit surprised seeing him on the top 10, maybe the judges saw something on him that I didn’t see.  He looks very Pinoy and knows how to carry himself on stage plus he has a commendable body.

#11 Jachin

Jachin Delovieres  – His face is his best asset, I love his official photo. He looks boy next door. I think he just needs a little polish on personality area since he is still not that confident sometimes.  I’m hoping to see him again in a bigger pageant.

#19 Dave

Dave Santos- His official picture was not that flaterring but he is really photegenic a while ago. He looks an angel to me.. cute. He was nervous during the on satge Q and A, but he gave a really good answer at the end. Good job Dave! Keep it up.

THE winners

#15 Ronnie

Ronnie Toribio – First time na nakita ko sya was during the SHOBI finals by Shobi Dionela. Second during the Manhunt screening at Shots bar owned by Manhunt 2011 Philippines, Carlo Morris Galang. Third sa Future Point Tower during the Manhunt pictorial and fourth sa finals night hours ago. Even he is always joining pageants, he has still refreshing personality that’s hard to ignore! With his 3rd placement hours ago, he is definitely a man to beat!

#18 Ford

Ford Santillan – His height is for international standard, some of the pageant fans in front want him to win, it just happened that Allen was very consistent last night. He has good communication skills and confident sumagot, I think he just need to tone his body and perfect na sya for international contest!

#16 Allen


Allen Molina – He was a favorite from the very start.Very well deserving.. He maintains a lifestyle of good physical, emotional and show us how to walk under pressure on this swimwear. I love his drama during the Fitness and Lifestyle competition. He nailed also the Q and A when he asked about his mother. I’m looking forward to see him again on National Finals.. Hope he will do well in carrying the Metro Manila on October 12.

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