Miss World 2012 Results; China’s 2nd Crown .. Is She Deserving?

Hometown girl Wen Xia Yu was crowned China’s 2nd Miss World titleholder during the finals held at the Ordos Stadium in China. It was not a surprise result since most of pageant websites considered her as the one to beat aside from home court advantage. 

Made in China

The mostly Chinese audience erupted in cheers when it was announced that the home candidate, Yu Wenxia, had been awarded the title.

Explaining during the final why she should win the Miss World title, Yu said: “When I was young I felt very lucky because so many people helped me, and I hope in the future I can help more children to feel lucky.”

Last year’s Miss World — Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela — handed over her crown in the futuristic Dongsheng stadium in the northeastern city of Ordos.

A total of 116 contestants, the highest number ever, took to the stage during the contest, watched annually by about a billion people around the globe.

Ordos, around 700 kilometres (440 miles) from the nearest beach, is an unusual venue for the world’s biggest beauty pageant.


Ordos, China

Besides the traditional swimsuits and evening gowns, participants also donned outlandish costumes, with some dressed as belly dancers.

The beauty queens have been in China rehearsing for nearly a month, soaking up traditional Mongolian culture by churning yoghurt in a nomad’s yurt and donning local attire to climb a sand dune.

The city, which has a vast town square dedicated to the mighty Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan, has grown rich over the last decade on the back of a coal mining boom that has transformed it from a sandstorm-afflicted backwater into one of the wealthiest places in China.

The boom triggered a frenzy of building in the city, but the local government has been unable to fill the vast tower blocks that have sprung up, earning it the title of China’s biggest ghost town.

Enthusiastic competitors seemed unfazed, expressing optimism that with the help of the pageant, the city could leave that reputation behind and take its place alongside other global centres of glitz and glamour.

“Ordos could be the next Dubai,” said Marielle Wilkie, representing the Caribbean nation of Barbados.

MW stage


Albanian contestant Floriana Garo chimed in with her own bold prediction.

“In ten years, this city will be booming,” she said.

Architecture in Ordos — where the city museum is shaped like an undulating blob — is “world class”, added Markysa O’Loughlin, representing St. Kitts and Nevis, also in the Caribbean.

Bookmakers had tipped Miss Mexico, 20-year-old Mariana Reynoso, for the crown, but Miss China was also seen as a leading contender along with Miss Nepal.

While the popularity of the contest, first held in 1951, has waned in the West, continued interest in Asian countries ensures that the final rakes in a huge global television audience.

Sweden’s Kiki Hakansson was the first Miss World, while Oscar-winning US actress Halle Berry was a finalist in 1986 and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai took the crown in 1994.

Venezuela has produced the most Miss Worlds, with six winners, while India and Britain claim five titles each.

China has already hosted the competition five times, most recently in 2010 on the tropical southern island of Hainan.

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Miss World Top 3


Miss World 2012 : MISS CHINA PR, Wenxia Yu

1st Runner Up: MISS WALES, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds 

2nd Runner Up): MISS AUSTRALIA, Jessica Michelle Kahawaty

TOP 7 at Miss World 2012

Miss China PR
Miss Wales
Miss Australia
Miss South Sudan
Miss Brazil
Miss Jamaica
Miss India

Continental beauties!

Continental Queen of Caribbean: MISS JAMAICA, Deanna Robins.
Continental Queen of Americas: MISS BRAZIL, Mariana Notarangelo
Continental Queen of Europe: MISS WALES, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds
Continental Queen of Africa: MISS SOUTH SUDAN, Atong Demach
Continental Queen of Asia and Oceania: MISS CHINA PR, Wenxia Yu

TOP 15 at Miss World 2012

Miss Australia
Miss Brazil
Miss China PR
Miss England
Miss India
Miss Indonesia
Miss Jamaica
Miss Kenya
Miss Mexico
Miss Netherlands
Miss Philippines
Miss South Sudan
Miss Spain
Miss United States
Miss Wales

South Sudan gave the most sincere answer…

BEACH BEAUTY Winner – MISS WALES –  Sophie Elizabeth Moulds

TOP MODEL Winner  – MISS SOUTH SUDAN – Atong Demach

MULTIMEDIA AWARD Winner – (Social Media Award) MISS INDIA –  Vanya Mishra

SPORTS WOMAN Winner – Miss Sweden –  Sanna Jinnedal (She had won the Penalty Shootout and Relay)

TALENT Winner –  Miss China PR – Wenxia Yu won it for Singing the love song “Luhua” (Flowers) composed by Yin Qing and He Dongjin.

BEAUTY FOR A PURPOSE Winner  – MISS INDIA, Vanya Mishra for social work done for the “Girl Child in India” with “Smile Foundation” and “Muktangan”

Many pageant fans are asking, is China deserving? Can China win outside China? For me,  China is deserving to be in the top 3 but the crown should be given to others.. South Sudan should take her place.

Miss Philippines in semis..

Meanwhile  Philippine bet lost to China in the Talent competition even she was considered as the best among the MW 2012 delegates.  Her talent was event featured in AOL main page. Even she failed to surpass or duplicate the placement of Gwendolyn lasst year, she made it into semis making the Philippines still happy at the end of coronation night.

Queenie’s Talent


Congratulations to all the winners!