Mutya aims for Mutya ng Pilipinas Crown; Isabela’s Pride!!

I first saw Mutya on Mr. and Miss Olive C Finals last year held in Ynares Sports Complex. She was very raw that time, Second time I saw her when i did her pictorial prior to Mutya ng Pilipinas Screening. She looks very well and so behave…  I CAN SEE A CROWN ON HER HEAD!  She really exudes beauty, grace and poise… I learned more about her that time, she related that she likes to get scarabs or  “salagubang” in the rice field since she is living in a farm..  

Let us know more about Mutya… Up Close and Personal.. in a report by Francis…..

Mutya ng Kabukiran… Dyosa ng Kagandahan..




Mutya for Ask Aski


Twenty-year old Mutya Johanna Datul from Sta. Maria, Isabela wants to add another Mutya title in her name. This is her primary goal in joining this year’s search for Mutya ng Pilipinas Pageant. Many consider her as one of the top contender for the crown having a strong resemblance to actress Sam Pinto and after winning the Mutya Press Favorite Award during the Press Presentation last August 18.


1st encounter with Mutya!!.. @ Olive C Finals

She came from an impoverished family in the rustic and mountainous province up north, but this does not deter her to enjoy the simple joys in life. Her most memorable childhood memories is playing in the rice fields with other kids and eagerly watching the fireflies that lit the darkness of the night. This experience led her to a promise to herself that one day she will work her way to success that will bring light amidst the darkness and despair.


Behind the Scene Pictorials at Victoria Tower! 2nd time I met Mutya…

She was named Mutya by her mother because according to her, she is considered as the beautiful precious gem of their close knit family that always brings honor and pride to them.


Will she be the next Mutya ng Pilipinas??

True to this apt description on her, Mutya won almost all of the beauty titles in her province, the most recent of which is the Miss Isabela – Tourism Title in 2011. Winning pageants also tremendously help them financially as it sustains her college education and supports in the medical needs of her mother.


Mutya @ Presentation

Her courage, determination, strong will and positive outlook amidst difficult circumstances are definitely her strong assets that might bring her to yet another victory in Mutya ng Pilipinas Pageant, thus fulfilling her dream to have another Mutya title in her name.


Media Favorite!

Watch Mutya and twenty-nine other equally beautiful Mutya ng Pilipinas Candidates vie for the most sought after Mutya ng Pilipinas crown on August 12, 2011 at UP Theater to be telecast on GMA 7 starting at 10:30 pm.


Good luck Isabela!!!!!!