Mrs. Globe Philippines 2012 Finals on July 7!

Mrs. Globe Philippines will be held at Sofitel Manila this early July. Here’s the report from Tony Paat.



Time was when only single ladies are allowed to join beauty pageants to bask in admiration & prestige of being a filipina beauty queen. Not anymore.with the mrs. globe beauty pageant now in the phils; married filipinas who posses that rare combination of beauty & substance now have the chance to be named MPG & be hailed as the country’s most beautiful lady.

Candidates with former Mutya ng Pilipinas and Mrs Globe Phils franchise owner – Carla Cabrera Quimpo

One of the biggest int’l pag. for married women,MRS P G seeks the honor & salute all married Filipinas. its aim is to make them realize that they are a vital part of the society & are worth so much more than they believe. the pageant also recognizes that these misses’ achievements, charitable acts & stories can serve as an inspiration to others

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2011 and franchise owner of MGP..

National pageant director Morena Carla Cabrera-Quimpo said this is a truly grat opportunity for these ladies to share their achievements & stories. like the int’l pageant, we hope that this year’s Mrs Philippines Globe will be an inspiration to other married women on how they can use their beauty & talents to contribute to society..