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Dahil Malapit na ang Mutya ng Pilipinas, I will feature one of the most beautiful Mutya ng Pilipinas na nakilala at nakita ko na ng personal. 

Those born during the 80’s or 90’s are most likely are not aware of Lorna Legaspi’s achievements. At kahit ako,  lately lang rin ako naging interesado sa kanya.  She won the 1989 Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific on May 28, 1989  and got the Miss Asia Pacific crown in Hongkong on the same year besting beauty queens from Asia Pacific. Lorna was also the longest reigning Miss Asia Pacific in the history. She held the crown for three years, from 1989 to 1991. 1990 Miss Asia Pacific was cancelled because of the killer quake in July that year. The 1991 finals was also cancelled because of  twin disasters in the country that year, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and flood in Ormoc. For MAQ organizers it was not good idea to hold a pageant when the country was on national calamity and disasters.

During the Mutya 1989 Finals Night..

 I had a chance to have a quick chitchat with her during the Mutya ng Pilipinas finals last year at The Arena in San Juan when she was part of the jurors that night.  I gave her a copy of Miss Asia Pacific 1989 finals and she was asking why we still have a copy of her pageant finals after 22 years!  Few days before the Mutya 2011 finals,  I learned that she has no copy of the pageant thru Mutya media  coordinator Francis Calubaquib. Kaya naman I was happy to give her a copy since it would be a big surprise to her apo’s or anaks seeing their Lola or Mom on her moment of glory.

She was very accommodating that night and eagerly signed her picture in swimsuit below  (soft copy was given by Tony Paat) when I showed it to her.

“ASKI, Its been years and you still got my pic. Its great to know someone sho still cherish who I am.. Take care, God Bless you.  Love lots.. ” LORNA LEGASPI ”  so sweet!

“There were lot of beautiful girls on that batch, that’s why we weren’t sure of her chances in Hongkong in the beginning” recalls Vicky Bugayong of Miss Asia Pacific Quest Org. “ Pero may poise si Lorna, maganda ang tindig at malakas ang stage presence. During rehearsals naka slouch na yung ibang contestants, pero siya poised pa rin. On the finals night isa isa nyang tiningnan ang mga judges habang naglalakad sa stage, I think that helped her a lot to win”

During the interview portion, Lorna was asked by emcee to sing her favorite song. In her swimsuit, she gamely sang a few lines of  “ Dahil Sa Iyo” to the delight of mostly Hongkong crowd. “after that alam naming panalo na sya”.. says Vicky.

President Corazon Aquino congratulated Lorna Legaspi after winning the 3rd Miss Asia Pacific crown, immediate press release from Malacanang were broadcasted the next day. “ I hope, you will live up to your expressed wish of bringing the prestige and honor to your country and show the world the fine and beautiful qualities of Filipina.



 ..with former Philippine President Corazon C. Aquino


Lorna was born in Manila on January  10, 1965, nagtapos ng Dentistry sa Centro Escolar University. Prior to Mutya stint, she was Miss Manila 1988. I’m trying to research for her 1988 Miss Manlia pictures but no luck.  

 I saw her profile picture in Binibining Pilipinas 1988 from the press kit I got from Tony.  She was number 26 and very stunning on her blue swimsuits. She only made it in FINAL SIX  and missed the top 3. (as per Tony P.)  I’m wondering if she was crowned as Binibini 1988, will perform better to Perfida Limpin? Remember,  1988 Miss Universe was also held in Asia like Miss Asia Pacific finals.  On the other hand I saw stunning picture of Perfida in 1988 Miss U finals and I will post it soon.

Lorna in Binibining Pilipinas 1988 Press kit

Binibining Pilipinas 1988 Results

01. Perfida Reyes Limpin (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
02. Maria Anthea Oreta Robles (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
03. Maria Muriel Oleriana Moral (Bb. Pilipinas-Maja)
04. Maritoni Judith Macariola Daya (Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism)
05. Amelia Joy dela Cruz (1st runner-up)
06. Lorna Villanueva Legaspi (2nd runner-up)

01. #01 Estrella Singson Querubin, 18, 5’5″
02. #02 Maria Muriel Oleriana Moral, 23, 5’5″
03. #08 Maria Leilani Lobangco, 20, 5’6.5″
04. #11 Cielo Castelo Canlas, 20, 5’6.5″
05. #14 Maria Teresa Manalad, 22, 5’9″
06. #18 Maria Anthea Oreta Robles, 20, 5’10”
07. #20 Rosabelle Santos Adriano, 21, 5’7.5″
08. #22 Perfida Reyes Limpin, 23, 5’6.5″
09. #25 Lorna Villanueva Legaspi, 23, 5’7″
10. #26 Angela Yoriko Figueras, 21, 5’6″
11. #28 Maritoni Judith Macariola Daya, 21, 5’5.5″
12. #29 Perlita Aberin, 19, 5’6″
13. #32 Marikit Ursula Felicidad Villasis, 16, 5’6″
14. #34 Hazel Navasero, 21, 5’4.5″
15. #35 Amelia Joy dela Cruz, 23, 5’5″

* Miss Photogenic = Maria Leilani Lobangco
* Miss Friendship = Amelia Joy dela Cruz
* Miss Talent = Bernadette Apolinario
* Best In Swimsuit = Perfida Limpin
* Best In Evening Gown = Maria Teresa Diokno

01. Amelia Joy dela Cruz
02. Angela Yoriko Figueras
03. Annabelle Amier
04. Bernadette Apolinario
05. Cielo Castelo Canlas
06. Eliza Florencia Fernandez
07. Estrella Querubin
08. Gemma Katague
09. Geraldine Campaña
10. Hazel Huelves
11. Hazel Navasero
12. Lorna Legaspi
13. Lourdes Cucio
14. Maria Anthea Robles
15. Maria Emely Manzang
16. Maria Josefina Obias
17. Maria Leilani Lobangco
18. Maria Muriel Moral
19. Maria Pearla Elias
20. Maria Teresa Diokno
21. Maria Teresa Manalad
22. Maribeth Dizon
23. Marikit Villasis
24. Marites Johnson
25. Maritoni Judith Daya
26. Mary Jane Almira Umali
27. Melinda Antonette Torres
28. Nida Maria Ziganay
29. Pearlita Aberin
30. Perfida Limpin
31. Raquel Gines
32. Raquel Mababangloob
33. Rosabelle Adriano
34. Rosette Esteban Coronel
35. Rowena Cortez
36. Sheila Marie Ramos
37. Venus Jane Lobaton

Lorna also represented the country in 1989 Miss All Nations held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 22, 1988 where she made it into the semifinals. The crown went to New Zealand  Kirsten Roberts, who was dethroned and 1st runner up 
 Vanessa Lynn Gibson of   Australia took over the title.

Pictures from Tony

In swimsuit…

Remembering 1989 Mutya Finals Night

The finals was held on May 28, 1989 at Philippine International Convention Center. There were 22 oficial candidates. The event was televised by ABS CBN Ch 2. Johnny Litton Hosted the event with former Mutya Emma Yuhico as anchorwoman.  APO Hiking Society was one of the performers together with Kuh Ledesma, Nonoy Zuniga and Men and Music.

On the the finals night of Mutya ng Pilipinas 1989, Lorna won Miss Diet Coke award because of her Coca-Cola body!




Mutya ng Pilipinas Results:

01. Estrella Singson Querubin (Mutya ng Pilipinas-World)
02. Lorna Villanueva Legaspi (Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific)
03. Angela Yoriko Figueras (Mutya ng Pilipinas-Globe)
04. Laura Patricia Marnelego (Mutya ng Pilipinas-Charm)
05. Viftra Burgos (Mutya ng Pilipinas-Wonderland)
06. Raquel Mababangloob (1st runner-up)
07. Mary Jane Umali (2nd runner-up)

* Miss Photogenic = Lilibeth Cabanlit
* Miss Friendship = Jinky Gapusan
* Miss Talent = Maria Carmelita Padilla
* Best In Swimsuit = Raquel Mababangloob
* Best In Long Gown = Estrella Querubin
* Miss Diet Coke = Lorna Legaspi
* Miss Lovable = Raquel Mababangloob

Coca cola body…

01. Rosalie Hernandez, Alabang
02. Maria Carmelita Padilla, Bacolod
03. Maria Lourdes Sabater, Batangas
04. Maria Rosario Sanchez, Batangas
05. Josyli Tabajonda, Catbalogan, Samar
06. Jinky Gapusan, Cebu
07. Lilibeth Cabanlit, Cebu
08. Maria Machaela Maramara, Cebu
09. Maria Rachelle Bedia, Laguna
10. Karmina Asuncion Santos, Manila
11. Lorna Villanueva Legaspi, Manila
12. Pamela Patricia Santos, Manila
13. Maria Cristina Sanchez, Marikina
14. Viftra Burgos, Masbate
15. Laura Patricia Marnelego, Manila
16. Raquel Mababangloob, Manila
17. Myra Teresa Noche, Oriental Mindoro
18. Maria Corona Veluz, USA
19. Angela Yoriko Figueras, Quezon City
20. Irene Melody Chua, Quezon City
21. Mary Jane Almira Umali, Quezon City
22. Estrella Singson Querubin, Vigan

Miss Asia Pacific 1989 Results:

1989 September 24 
Hong Kong Culture Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
31 entries

1  Philippines  Lorna Villarubia Legaspi (All Nations ’88)

2  Tahiti  Myriam Tuheiava
3  Israel  Galit Farber
4  Canada  Gloria Petrovic
5  Thailand  Anne Seekaew

Australia  Fiona Alison Valentine 

Ecuador  Maria Eugenia Molina Astudillo (Maja ’88, Universe ’89)
Hong Kong  Ewong Yung-Hung (World ’89)
Macau  Cheung Pao 
Mexico  Gladys América López Ibarra (Queen of the World ’88) 
New Zealand  Melanie Stewart 
Singapore  Mary Ann Mendis 

Chile  Carolina Schacht 

Colombia  Ximena Botero
Cook Island  Annie Wigmore (World ’88)
Costa Rica  Luana Freer Bustamante (Coffee ’89, Universe ’89)
El Salvador  Lucia Beatriz López Rodríguez (Universe ’89, World ’91)
Fiji  Natalie Grey 
Guam  Patricia Riley (Wonderland ’89)
Guatemala  Norma Haydée Amaya Resinos
Honduras  Rosa Eva Castillo (Coffee ’89)
India  Anuradha Ramani
Korea  Chae Wha-jung
Malaysia  Lina Chua (Wonderland ’88)
New Caledonia  Leila Boyer
Panama  Rosa Soto
Papua New Guinea  Kathleen Erimas
Peru  Patricia Olga Figueroa Vásquez
Sri Lanka  Yamuna De Saram
Turkey  Nese Unal
U.S.A.  Elizabeth Primm (3rd RU USA ’89) 

Miss Asia Pacific 1989  Souvenir Program

Friendship  Fiji 

Photogenic  Chile
Best National Costume  Hong Kong
Talent  Philippines
Best in Swimwear  Australia
Best in Long Gown  Hong Kong


AT PRESENT.. me with Lorna Legazpi during the Mutya ng Pilipinas Finals last year.. holding the DVD copy of Miss Asia Pacific 1989 finals..


Hope you enjoyed our LARAWAN feature.. and to Lorna, thanks for the wonderful memories!

And that’s it Lorna Villarubia Legaspi.. sa LARAWAN!