Binibini 26 – Angelee Claudett of Olongapo City… UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL

Binibini 26 – Angelee Claudett of Olongapo City… UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL

Sweet Claudett!! Yan ang pagkakakilala ko sa kanya! She is always ready to greet you whenever.. wherever!  I started to like her when I watch her crowning moment as Miss Slimmer’s World Bikini Philippines  2011 (her first national title) in Youtube.  When she competed in China for Miss Bikini International, I did become a Claudett believer. She made it to semis and got numerous awards, including Miss Popularity and Best in National Costume on her first international pageant! She  is also a Bicolana who migrated with her family to Olongapo City where she now works as an instructor.. She was superb during the Talent competition.. a big WOW performance! Best in Talent frontrunner!

Queenly wave!  Akala ko she waved to me.. when i turn my back.. oh jeezz.. crowds are waving back to her from my back!

This lady is a fighter and it seems ‘giving  up’  has no room for her, this is her 3rd try in Binibini and now she made it!

Patricia Fernandez also  didn’t make it on her first try but she won Binibining Pilipinas International on her 2nd try and made it assemi finalist in 2008 Miss International in Japan!

Lets know more about Binibini 26 CLAUDETT ANGELEE DELOS REYES.. Up CLOSE and PERSONAL thru my short short interview with her..
What was the reaction of your family when you made it as Bb official candidate?

I think my family is extremely happy more than how I feel. Because they know how I wanted to be part of Bb.pilipinas. It is my 3rd time to try it. My first two were challenges. Don’t wanna call it failure. So I improve myself through joining other pageants. I got titles and awards in God’s grace. And I feel blessed that after all the preparations and hard work, I am now bb.pilipinas candidate no.26

during the screening with her trademark “kembot pose”
How do your friends and family describe you?

Humbly, my family friends used to tell me that I have simple beauty. They say my personality makes it unique. I may be quiet  at first but talks a lot afterwards. Somehow bubbly they say. I am so transparent. And they love me for that…

Kamusta ang barkada relationship with your friends? May nagbago ba? Last time na nagbonding kayo? (seems busy ka na ata haha)

My barkada and friends are very supportive in terms of voting and giving advises and supporting me morally. Well, they are not all rich as others may think. I am not materialistic naman kasi. I don’t choose friends pero of course I choose who’s to keep… Last hang out cguro 3days before the screening. After that, all my time is for bb.pilipinas na. That’s how focus and dedicated I am. (naks)!

Haters are getting popular online, maraming artista ang nababash, How would you react in case na me mga ayaw sayo?

I respect each and every individual’s opinion. If they don’t like me, then that is what they feel. I will not dislike them back. But if they say negative things about me, I will live in such a way that no one will believe them, doing my best and every good thing I can…Sometimes, it is better that the people who don’t like you at first will become your real friend in the future. It will be nice to make your haters as your believers. Also, I know what I’m worth. As long as I have God Almighty beside me, then I am ready to face anyone with a smile… On the other hand, I am very thankful to my family, friends, and to those whom I really don’t know or haven’t even met but keeps on supporting and fighting for me. I am happy to have them.

..her first national title.. Will Bb. Pilipinas be the 2nd??

Any rituals before going to bed?
Before going to bed I make sure I do personal hygiene. Prepare my things for the next day. And then pray. Because,  we have to realize that every day is indeed a gift from God…
Unang Ginagawa mo pagkagising?
First thing I do in the morning is still praying,  putting God as center of everything that I will do. Yun kasi ang turo sakin ng mama ko. She also set herself as a best example. I see her pray in her room every morning and night..

Then I will look at the mirror, smile and think of a beautiful day ahead ..
Name 1 thing not many people know about you:

People think that I am a woman who has strong personality like snob or something like that. But in fact, I am not. I smile to everyone. I talk to anyone. Even if I haven’t join Binibini or pageants, a lot of people whom I met can testify that I approached them first. I want to talk talaga. So its obvious when I’m thinking of something, coz ill be quiet. Looks can be deceiving as they say. So I hope to have more friends pa after this interview! Hehe
If you have a chance na maipakilala ang parents mo sa lahat, how would you describe them?

I will describe my parents as the hardworking heroes. My strength.  My bestfriend is my mom. She is the wind beneath my wings. At the same time, I can be ME in front of her without hesitations. We have more than a mother-daughter relationship. I know she loves me unconditionally and I love her so much.

Any siblings? Kanino ka mas pinaka close?

I’m the only girl and we are four. I’m second to the eldest.close naman ako sa kanilang lahat because I am transparent nga so makwento. Iba iba lang ng approach I guess.



Any preparation for the coming finals?

Praparation for the finals? I just prepare by being more focus, more disciplined, more high heels, more hard work  lastly, more faith in myself and faith in God. Our mind is powerful. It dictates what we’ll do and interprets what we feel. So I think if I think of doing all these, I can get through everything gracefully and beautifully, that I can get the Bb. Pilipinas crown– with God’s grace.

Sino ang biggest threat for you so far, based sa mga pictures ng makakalaban mo?

Everything can happen in the finals. I don’t wanna underestimate any of my fellow candidates. I think they are all beautiful in their own rights. So, all of them are still threat for me. I will not choose anyone. But it’s a fact that those who were in bb.pil before have the advantage.

Message to your family and friends?

To my family, thanks for all the love and care that keeps me strong and focus. I miss you all especially mama. But I will do my best to make it all worthy in the end. Love love..

WORLD’s MOST POPULAR! Claudette holding her trophy in world finals of Bikini World in China last year..
Message to your fans and supporters?  How they can support you?
To my friends, sisters at heart, KF group, GI friends,collegues, schoolmates and my batchmates, hope you’ll support me more and more as I represent each and every ideals of all of us. You know the challenges that I’ve been through, but still, I will never give up and reach for greater heights with all of you and our God with me. Thank you so much!

I will not be in my place now without your endless support. To my supporters who happened to be my new friends, I feel so flattered and blessed to have people like  you. I may not have met all of you before nor talked to you personally, but I am grateful that the way you guys defended and supported me seems like we knew each other for years. I wish it will be real and will last for a lifetime. Rest assured that I will give my absolute best for all of you who believes in me. My warmest gratitude!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please watch BB. Pilipinas 2012 and cheer for yours truly, candidate no. 26! – angelee

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Bikini Goddess! Claudett @ Bb. Pilipinas Press presentation at the same venue where she was crowned as Miss Bikini Philippines.. – RWM

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That’s it Binibini 26 CLAUDETT ANGELEE DELOS REYES.. Up CLOSE and PERSONAL @ by Aski Pascual

PROUD AND SEXY! Claudett and Roxanne with my card during the Talent Competition

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